China: US Nuke will burn its eyebrows.

by Uyghur Times
China VS US

China: US Nuke will burn its eyebrows.

Tair Uighurian

A Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Nuclear Posture Review said ” Over the past decade, despite United States’ efforts to reduce the roles and numbers of nuclear weapons, other nuclear nations grew their stockpiles, increased the prominence of nuclear weapons in their security strategies, and — in some cases — pursued the development of new nuclear capabilities to threaten other nations”.

One of the other nuclear nations that grew their nuclear power is no doubt China, as stated in the Nuclear Posture Review, which cast Beijing as a potential nuclear adversary. China’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday that China’s nuclear arsenal is at the “minimum level” required for security. The Nuclear Posture Review said that Washington wants to prevent Beijing from mistakenly concluding that any use of nuclear weapons, however limited, is acceptable.

China’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Ren Guoqiang said, “The Chinese side expresses firm opposition to the report. We hope the U. S. will abandon a Cold War mentality and earnestly shoulder its special and prior responsibility for its own nuclear disarmament”.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, VOA reported that the China’s ruling Communist Party’s military wing (the People’s Liberation Army) has the world’s fifth-largest nuclear arsenal composed of 300 warheads. The United States and Russia each have about 7,000 warheads, or about 20 times as many as Beijing.

China’s state-run Global Times which is owned by the Chinese Communist Party, published an editorial titled, “The nuclear game of U.S. will burn its eyebrows sooner or later“ on its Chinese website. The editorial goes on as:

“The U. S. government issued a report titled, ‘Nuclear Posture Review’. According to them, this report has cast Russia, China, and North Korea as main nuclear threats. The report said that U. S. would tailor its nuclear strategy and flexible capacities and continue to consider using nuclear weapons in “extreme circumstances”, and it implies that the U. S. would expand the conditions for the use of nuclear weapons. This has seriously increased the international community’s concerns that the United States may spearhead the use of small nuclear weapons in future wars.

The editorial stated, ”As we all know, China is the only nuclear power that promised not to be the first to use nuclear weapons under any circumstances and has publicly announced that it will not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against any non-nuclear-weapon states and territories. China’s nuclear policy is the most restrained one of the nuclear powers.”

“In recent months, people have witnessed the irritating global strategic adjustments of the U. S., from the ‘National Security Strategy’ to the “National Defense Strategy” to the ‘Nuclear Posture Review,’ Washington is, at no expense, redirecting its strategic position to pulling the world back to the Cold War mentality.”

“If the world’s big brother makes fundamental adjustments, it will most likely reverse the direction of the entire international relations arena and bring tensions back to the nations concerning global strategy. If the positive momentum of the development of peace between nations is reversed and if the world is surrounded by the shadow of the grand strategy of the great powers and the shadow of nuclear war yet again, the U. S. government that took the first decisive step towards this reversion will become the historic criminal.”

“Washington is releasing a signal that it will rely more on nuclear weapons and expand its strategic deterrence towards nuclear strategy. ‘The Nuclear Posture Review’ has suddenly increased the risk that some countries will face a nuclear attack if there are in a war with the United States.”

“This may change people’s psychology in the face of the geopolitical competition, greatly increasing the pressure of nuclear non-proliferation and causing a serious impact on world peace and stability.”

“At present, the United States and Russia are the only countries that openly possess low-yield nuclear weapons in the world. In the increasingly clear case of the United States’ military strategy and as Washington continues to strengthen its nuclear strategy of using nuclear weapons, it is necessary for China to formulate countermeasures and make adjustments according to the current circumstances.”

“China’s limited nuclear force has been used for strategic deterrence, and its commitment to not be the first to use nuclear weapons has long been a low-key role in shaping the attitude of the outside world to China.”

“We have to avoid Washington’s misjudgment of China that we (China) will not dare to carry out nuclear bouts even if we were subjected to a nuclear threat, it is a thought that the U. S. can arbitrarily act in formulating its nuclear policy against China.”

“China should seriously and overtly study the development of low-yield nuclear weapons, in response to the policy options of the United States to further strengthen its nuclear strategy. We should let the United States know that China is a country that has sufficient capabilities to substantially upgrade the size and modernization level of its nuclear arsenal.”

“China’s restraint so far is strategic humility or tactical modesty; it is a responsible manifestation of world peace and stability. Washington should appreciate this and it would be more beneficial to the United States to refrain from pushing China too strongly.”

“As China continues to rise, it is not a rational choice, nor a possible goal for Washington to try to maintain the previous huge disparity between the two military powers and to increase investment in order to continue the overwhelming military superiority of the United States to China.”

“The security concept of the United States needs to be adjusted; security must be shared by the great powers, not owned by only the U. S. The security of the United States cannot be equated with hegemony, nor can it be at the expense of the security of other great powers.”

Nationalist and patriotic comments featured with anti-American ideologies and slogans of Chinese netizens followed the editorial. Where only positive comments are encouraged, more than 2,110 Chinese netizens have commented on the editorial within the first 4 days.

One of the comments from WfDYvP: “Americans seem to have their brains drenched. They think they are smart, all others are stupid. If they want to fight with our ally Russia, Russians beat the head of the U. S., not to mention the Chinese Dongfeng Express, let’s see who would be defeated.”

Another netizen named 闽都传人wrote: “The United States has become increasingly isolated and thereafter begun to lose its temper. In the 1960s, the U. S. was not able to frighten China and even now could not fool North Korea. In the end, the latest nuclear strategy of the United States will surely intimidate itself and become the laughingstock of the world.”

A comment by 海上升明月nj: “U. S., if you fire even the smallest of your nuclear arsenal at us, our most powerful hydrogen bomb will smash you.”

A comment by 春天乐乐 from Hebei said: “We bought so many American Treasuries, it is time to consider reductions now.” from Beijing: “Nothing is as good as ‘power,’ so China must increase its nuclear capabilities, as well as its effective and efficient delivery capabilities. At that time, no country would dare to threaten to use nuclear weapons against us.”

Another comment by the netizen 雍镇from Beijing: “If you do not seek death, you will not die! American dogs are seeking death by depending on their powerful military. One day, American dogs will die miserably!”

Another commentator ID_1605708 from Hebei said: “As long as China’s nuclear program could bring the United States back to the Stone Age, the

U. S. nuclear blackmail will not work anymore!”

Another comment by 庆大阳光 from Jiangsu: “Anybody with any smarts knows that American behavior is a naked hegemony! However, there must be opposition as long as there is a hegemony! This seems to give Iran and North Korea a negative political propaganda and preaching. That is, only an iron heart nation can create a large number of nuclear weapons to counter the United States, otherwise, you will be killed by the ruthless enemy.”

Every single Chinese related news item that comes out of Washington could spark a harsh debate and contribute to the promotion of patriotism among the Chinese people, while most young Americans only care about their daily happiness and their iPhone.

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