Taliban negotiators came to China before Taliban-US peace talks, China says

by Uyghur Times

Uighur Times


Tahir Imin Uighurian


Before heading to Qatar for the seventh round of the Taliban-US peace talks, the Afghan Taliban negotiators first came to China and exchanged views with Chinese officials on the Afghan peace reconciliation process and the fight against terrorism, confirmed by the ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s republic of China on June 20.


On May 28th, the Taliban representatives also went to Moscow to discuss with Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov the issue of Afghanistan’s withdrawal and drug control.


In response to the above news, Lu Kang, the spokesman of Ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s republic of China pointed out that Baladar, the head of the Taliban political office in Doha, and several of his assistants visited China. During his stay in China, relevant Chinese officials exchanged views with Mr. Baladar and his party on the peace reconciliation process in Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism.


In addition to visiting China, the Taliban representatives arrived in Moscow on June 18 to discuss with Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov on the Afghan political reconciliation agenda, withdrawal from Afghanistan and drug control. The Taliban said that Russia and the Taliban have the same interests.


Lavrov also spoke to the Taliban about anti-terrorism issues. The Taliban and Russia have a common enemy, the extremist organization “Islamic State.”


The United States and the Taliban plan to hold key negotiations in Qatar early next week. The outside world hopes that the Afghan peace talks that have been going on for nearly a year can make a breakthrough.

According to the news by Chinese news website phoenix, Taliban promised that they don’t allow anyone to use their territory against Russia and China.

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