Medium: The Uyghur Times Wrongly Suspended. Prompts Question on ‘Wrongful Suspension’ of Uyghur Content

Medium: The Uyghur Times Was Wrongly Suspended. Prompts Question on 'Wrongful Suspension' of Uyghur Content.

Medium, the online publishing platform, restored the Uyghur Times account after wrongfully suspending it. The Uyghur Times’ account on the platform Medium was opened in January and was “mistakenly” suspended, remaining so for months despite appeals. The suspension occurred just after the Uyghur Times team published a single article on the platform.

The Uyghur Times team had reached out to Medium multiple times to resolve the issue, but no action was taken until May 13. In an email from Medium Support to the Uyghur Times appeal email, the team demanded immediate reinstatement of their account and a clear explanation for the ban. They warned of escalating the matter and initiating a social media campaign to expose Medium’s collaboration with the Chinese government in suppressing news about the Uyghur genocide.

Medium’s response was simple: “It looks like your Medium account was mistakenly caught in our spam filter. I have now restored your account and any affected posts.” The account was then restored.

This prompts the question of why the Uyghur Times was ‘mistakenly caught in the spam filter’ and whether Uyghur genocide-related content is also ‘mistakenly caught in the spam filter.

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