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by Uyghur Times
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Written by Sedef for the Uighur Language Service of The Uyghur Times.

This news was published on The Uyghur Times Uyghur language website on Dec 29, 2019.

Translated into English by the Uyghur Times English Channel.

In places all over the world, Istanbul, Kayseri, Tabriz, Amsterdam, The Hague, Berlin, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritania, Morocco, Gaza Strip, etc., from the East to the West, from Europe to Africa and Asia, the voices of hundreds of thousands of people are ringing out resoundingly for the unfortunate Uighur people in East Turkistan. Every day, in different parts of the world, the Uighur issue is being put on the agenda through various events and demonstrations.

On December 28, 2019, in the Tractor Football Club’s stadium in Tabriz, Iran, Azerbaijani brothers demonstrated against the Chinese regime’s ethnic massacre of the Uighurs in East Turkistan. Al-Jazeera has made news reports about it. 

On December 29, in the Dutch city of The Hague, hundreds of Azerbaijani brothers demonstrated in front of the Chinese consulate against the Chinese government’s ethnic cleansing of the Uighurs. In Amsterdam, under the organization of Uighur Culture and Information Center Foundation, Moroccan and Turkish communities, hundreds of people from different races and backgrounds demonstrated in the city center Dam Square against the brutal atrocities that the Uighur people are facing in the hands of the oppressive Chinese regime. On the same day, NOS news, one of the biggest media outlets in the Netherlands, made a news report about the demonstration.

Within this week, in places like the German capital Berlin, Ingolstadt, at the Frankfurt International Airport, in Hong Kong, in Dutch cities like Amsterdam and The Hague, Indonesian capital Jakarta, in Malaysia, in Mauritania, Morocco, and Gaza Strip, the voices that are supporting and defending the Uighurs have reached their climax.

On the same day, large-scale demonstrations were also held in Istanbul and Kayseri. Under the organization of the Felicity Party Youth Wing (Saadet Partisi), thousands of Turks and Uighurs took part in the demonstration in Kayseri. In Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, thousands of people took to the streets to express their anger against the Chinese regime, regardless of the heavy rain. On the same day, the Felicity Party Youth Wing (Saadet Partisi) organized another demonstration and press conference in Eyüp Sultan in Istanbul. Hundreds of people protested against the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uighurs regardless of the heavy rain.

Thousands of Turkish people took to the streets of Istanbul in support of the Uighurs.

Due to the large scale of the protests all around the globe, we were not able to list and report all the demonstrations one by one, we hope for the understanding of the readers!

In the end, we would like to send these lines of the heroic poet Abduxaliq Uyghur to honor the brothers and sisters on the streets:

Your legacy will be left in history if you fight for your homeland,

Be courageous, aim high, don’t be satisfied with little pools and streams.  

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