World wide protest annoncment : solidairty with Uighurs

by Uyghur Times

Hi everyone!

This summer has the potential for greatness! There are protests all around the world and we can make something special happen!
There needs to be a sense of urgency! And lots of work! All it takes is one person to get things started!
That’s why I am helping to organize the International Uighur + Friends protest movement starting 7.21.19!

#whiteblue19 We are asking everyone to wear white+blue this summer in support!

Please check the protest page for times and locations of protests around the world!
We also need people to set up protests! All it takes is one person to get a permit and then we will promote every city together!
We are asking everyone to post pictures online wearing white+blue and holding signs such as #Uighur4Uk #Uighur4Sudan #Uighur4Taiwan .

When a group of people are being oppressed or in bad shape and they reach out to others to help them, it makes people heats melt!
7.21.19 Is just the beginning! Keep going until kids are back into school then it will take off!!

Under 1 Umbrella = We Fight Together!

Matt Tucker


Feel free to contact me with questions or comments!

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