Rabia Qadeer: It is time to take action to stop the Uyghur Genocide

by Uyghur Times

Sept 19, 2020

The Chinese authorities announced that they accepted European diplomats’ demand to visit the Uyghur region. But in its statement, the Chinese government made it clear that this investigation would not be independent by stating that it will not listen to Europe’s human rights lectures,” and would not allow them to interfere in China’s internal affairs. The Chinese side also stated that “China has been opening door to European diplomats to walk and take a look at Xinjiang,” indicating that China planned to let the diplomats see the surface but not the camps where the genocide is taking place.”

It is well known that China has been deceiving the world since the first day of the camps. As China said in its White Paper it has allowed diplomats and journalists from more than 50 African and Middle Eastern countries to “investigate” the Uyghur situation. But as Albanian journalist Olsi Jazexhi has revealed, China has taken advantage of the economic needs of these countries by deceiving, buying, and threatening them to prevent them from conducting independent investigations and even didn’t allow them to question the detainees. As a result, these investigators returned to see arranged scenes, not real camps; Of course, conscious journalists like Olsi Jazexhi have seen the oppression and violence faced by the Uyghurs. However, most of the investigators did not raise their voices after the investigation, with a small number praising the camps as China had expected. At present, China wants to silence the European Union and other countries in Africa and the Middle East to justify its genocide through the mouth of European diplomats.

Today is not a time to inspect the camps in East Turkestan, but a time to take immediate action and practical steps to close the camps. Because the ongoing genocide in East Turkestan today is no secret; the world’s top research institutes have revealed the existence of at least 236 camps in East Turkestan through satellite images; Intelligence journalists, made up of 12 of the world’s most influential media outlets, have confirmed that the camps are being subjected to severe crackdowns on Chinese camps by leaking Chinese classified documents. Witnesses from more than 20 camps around the world have revealed through experience that these camps are death camps. Thousands of Uighur migrants have testified that their families have been missing for four years. With such facts publicly available, spending more time investigating instead of taking practical measures would create an opportunity for China to continue the massacre of Uyghurs.

I urge the European countries to think seriously about this invitation by China. I call the diplomats to deny all the Chinese measures that make it impossible for diplomats to conduct an independent investigation. I call all of you to avoid indirect involvement in China’s Uyghur genocide.

Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of the Uyghur National Movement

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