China intensifies the crackdown on Uighurs contrary to the Communist regime’s claim that all camp detainees “graduated” 

Dec 12, 2019, Washington DC

Uighur Times exclusive

By Tahir imin



Chinese authorities intensified the control over the Uighur region after the U.S. House passed the UIGHUR Act on Dec 3, according to information obtained by the Uighur Times.

The email of Uighur Times’ Uighur language service has received a message about the current situation in the Uighur region. The message states that “The government launched a new campaign against U.S. and Uighur activists around the world. Now everyone in the Uighur region is forced to attend compulsory political indoctrination. All of the government agencies and public places became anti-U.S. propaganda fronts. We are told to shout the U.S is the enemy of all ethnic groups and Uighurs in Xinjiang. The UIGHUR bill is against the will of Uighur people. The purpose of the U.S. by passing the Uighur Act is weakening our great country of China. There are no human rights abuses in Xinjiang. Our government is merely taking measures to counter-terrorism”. Those are propaganda slogans that the Uighurs in the region are being asked to chant during public gatherings, etc. 

UN human rights body and other international groups have been condemning China over its crackdown on Uighurs and other Turkic people by detaining at least 2 million Uighurs in what China describes as  “vocational training centers” where the detainees are tortured, raped and murdered according to witnesses testified in many western democratic countries, including United States, European Union, Canada, etc.  

A Uighur refugee who spoke to the Uighur Times on the condition of anonymity describes that “The fear of the Chinese Communist Party has demonstrated its lack of confidence. It wants Uighur people to suffer as a result of the UIGHUR Act.”

It should be noted that China is under great pressure this time after the UIGHUR Act passed in the U.S. House. The Chinese propaganda department is on “all hell broke loose” after Dec. 3, and CCP’s major propaganda news outlets have flooded the Internet with huge amounts of propaganda news articles and videos. China claims that the concentration camps do not exist, yet they have been trying to justify its crimes against humanity in the Uighur region by releasing so-called “terrorist” videos. This act of the CCP is self-contradictory. The Chinese regime does not need to justify its policies if indeed there are no concentration camps and human rights abuses in the Uighur region.

At the same time, China does not want to be seen as “weak” or backing off by the pressure of potential sanctions if the UIGHUR Act passes the Senate and becomes legislation in the United States. But in reality, the CCP must be feeling the heat from the UIGHUR Act and is trying to convince the world that sanctioning the high-level Chinese officials involved in the camps is not going to make the Chinese government amend its policies and stop the persecution in the Uighur region. For that reason, the CCP would probably double down its persecution in the Uighur region and act like the Chinese government is not going to be intimidated by the UIGHUR Act. However, the opposite is most likely true and the CCP wants to stop the UIGHUR Act from becoming legislation. 

Nevertheless, the passing of UIGHUR Act in congress and becoming legislation after President Trump signs the bill will help the millions of Uighur and other Turkic people who have been suffering from the gross human rights abuses and cultural genocide. The CCP will be forced to stop its prosecution and respect the human rights of people in the Uighur region if China wants to be respected by the international community, especially democratic countries around the world.  


Uyghur Times

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