Did Uyghurs have to die to end the Urumchi lockdown?

by Anne Kader



By Yaruk


The global media is discussing China’s zero covid policy. There are evaluations and harsh criticism that the policy lacks any humanitarian norms.

In particular, the “zero Covid” policy is implemented more harshly and ruthlessly in East Turkestan (Xinjiang), where the Uyghurs live.
China is very adept at seizing every opportunity it gets. In particular, this goes even higher when it comes to Uyghurs.

China is trying all kinds of methods to silently destroy the Uyghurs. It uses the virus, or the accepted name Covid-19, as a valuable opportunity.

In August, deplorable images of Uyghurs confined to their homes for more than two months on the pretext of ‘quarantine’ in Gulja city in East Turkestan surfaced.

Around that time, on November 24, the news came from the capital, Urumqi. The videos shared by Uyghurs in Urumqi show that the people of Urumqi were confined to their homes for more than 100 days. At around 8 pm on November 24, a fire broke out in one of these houses. The building had been in lockdown for more than 100 days.

Those videos tell how people were trying to get out of their homes. However, the people could not get out because the door was locked from the outside. The authorities did not open them even in case of a fire. As a result, more than 40 people were burned to death, although the number is not yet clear.

The people who got bored in their homes for more than 100 days could not stand it anymore when they heard of the fire. The people of Urumqi tried to make their voices heard through various methods on social media. Some took to the streets to protest.

Meanwhile, similar events took place in the city of Korla, a neighbor of Urumqi. The people were on the streets and wanted the quarantine to end. “We need freedom” and “end the quarantine” slogans were shouted.

Among the social media clips, there was one remarkable video. In the video, a manager was talking to the speaker. According to him, the public units were doing relevant preparatory works, and on the following day, the doors would open, and the quarantine would end.

 Some questions come to people’s minds. If you were to open the doors, why didn’t you open them before the fire broke out? Is the virus control over now? Was it necessary for so many Uyghurs to die in a fire, for the doors to be opened and for the so-called quarantine to end?

Of course, the questions are not only for the dishonorable Chinese regime but also challenge the conscience of the international community. Uyghurs know it too well: The Chinese regime is killing Uyghurs. The silence of humanity to China’s crimes only encourages China.

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