Palestine endorses China’s genocidal policy against Uyghurs

by Uyghur Times
Palestine supports China's the Uyghur genocide to gain financial and political support against Israel.

By Mehmet Tursun

During his four-day visit, Abbas met with the Chinese President and head of the ruling Communist Party Xi Jinping. The leaders then issued a joint statement endorsing Beijing’s domestic and foreign policies and repudiating Western concepts of human rights.

Both sides agreed to support each other on issues involving each other’s core interests and major concerns.

In the joint statement, china’s core interests that Palestine must support include supporting China’s genocide against Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic people in occupied Uyghurstan.

In the statement, the Palestinian Authority said issues regarding China’s policy toward Muslims in Xinjiang have “nothing to do with human rights and are aimed at excising extremism and opposing terrorism and separatism.”

“Palestine resolutely opposes using the Xinjiang problem as a way of interfering in China’s internal affairs,” the joint statement said.

Associated Press said: “China has campaigned furiously to counter the outside criticism, and in the competition for resources and markets, Arab states have almost never openly expressed concern over Beijing’s treatment of Muslims.”

China has been supporting Palestine at the United Nations against Israel and the United States, creating an image of supporting oppressed nations against oppressors and benefiting from the anti-West sentiment among Arab and Muslim countries.

CGTN, the global propaganda machine of the Chinese government said: that China will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Palestine and support the implementation of its livelihood and development projects and provide personnel training support, and help Palestine strengthen capacity-building.

China also agreed to continue to provide government scholarships and support the integration of the Chinese language into Palestine’s education system.

Uyghur organizations accused Abbas and his leadership of being complicit in China’s genocide and anti-Islam policies

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