Quebec Senator Leo Housakos introduces bill to boycott Beijing Olympics and ban imports from ‘Xinjiang’

by Anne Kader




This week Quebec Senator Leo Housakos will introduce a bill to boycott Beijing Olympics and ban all imports from Xinjiang, he says on his official Twitter account.


“While it was great to join parliamentarians of all stripe today to draw attention to the #UyghurGenocide, the time for speeches is over. Now we must act. We need to #BoycottBeijing and ban all imports from the ‘Xinjiang’ region. I will introduce that bill tomorrow”, Housakos tweets.


Leo Housakos, Canadian Senator from Quebec and a former Speaker, has on many occasions called on Canada to do more to help the Uyghur people and stop Communist China. He has not spared his words in defense of Uyghurs: “The totalitarian regime of China is committing these atrocities, these crimes against humanity, with impunity”, Housakos says.


‘Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project’ has invited Senator Housakos and several other Canadian parliamentarians to an event held this week in front of Parliament Hill. “We must use our place in parliament to call out the egregious behavior of the CCP and to call on our government to take action.”, he tweets.

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