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Canadian Senator Leo Housakos: Canada must do more to help the Uyghur people

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Canadian Senator Leo Housakos: Canada must do more to help the Uyghur people



Uyghurian, Sep29, 2021


Leo Housakos, Canadian Senator from Quebec, former Speaker, called on Canada to do more to help the Uyghur people and stop Communist China.

The Senator met with the Uyghur leaders on Tuesday to discuss the Uyghur situation and challenges posed by China.


The Senator wrote on Twitter that "Just wrapped up a meeting with @Dolkun_Isa of the World Uyghur Congress. Thank you to 

@MehmetTohti for arranging this and to both gentlemen for the very important discussion. Canada must do more to help the #Uyghur people and stop the communist regime of China."


The House of Commons of Canada declared Chinese atrocities against the Uyghurs as genocide in February of this year, but the Senate, in a motion introduced by Senator Leo Housakos on June 29, declined to do so.


The Senator said in his speech in the Senate that "The totalitarian regime of China is committing these atrocities, these crimes against humanity, with impunity," the Senator remarked at the time. They're arrogant in their flagrant contempt for human life and rights, and we can't let it go unchecked and unnamed."


One of the strong opponents of the motion was Independent B.C. Sen. Yuen Pau, who said China's policy toward the Muslim minority in Xinjiang province is similar to colonialism directed at Indigenous peoples in this country, and that harsh condemnation of Beijing would be "gratuitous" and "simply an exercise in labeling," echoing a claim made by Chinese officials at the United Nations at the time.

As the head of the Canadian government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not called it a genocide yet. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and almost all of his cabinet colleagues were absent for that vote in the House of Commons.


Uyghurs in Canada have been calling the Canadian government to take more decisive actions in its foreign policy with China.