Chinese opera singer adds insult to injury by performing a Russian song at the ruins of Mariupol Theater

by Anne Kader
2 minutes read

Chinese opera singer Wang Fang performed the Russian song “Katyusha” at the ruins of the bombed Mariupol Theatre in the Russian-occupied Mariupol in Ukraine, where the Russian army killed more than 600 civilians, Nexta TV reports.

Wang Fang calls the Ukrainian military “Nazis” and accuses them of “killing the children of Donbas.” Her husband, Zhou Xiaoping, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party and part of a delegation of Chinese bloggers visiting the occupied territories of Ukraine and meeting with pro-Russian collaborators, Nexta writes.

The singer’s husband, Zhou Xiaoping

Image: Mariupol Theatre as seen on Google Satellite in 2023

Ukraine expects Beijing to explain the purpose of stay of Chinese citizens in Mariupol and how they entered the occupied Ukrainian city”, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry speaker responds. Ukraine wants to initiate a ban on entry to Ukraine for Chinese bloggers.

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