Chinese media attempts to defame Uyghur Times

by Anne Kader


Over 50 Chinese media platforms such as Sina, QQ, and 163 have published defamatory reports about Uyghur Times and its founder Tahir Imin. Their purpose is to create strife between Uyghurs and other Muslims.

The online man-hunt started after the Uyghur Times tweeted a critical post pondering why the Chinese Military has never offered Eid greetings to its Uyghur and other Muslim soldiers, as the Israeli Defense Forces did. The now-deleted tweet did not endorse anything. The pro-CCP netizens were quick to draw their conclusion: Uyghurs Times must be a pawn of  Israel. They went as far as digging into Imin’s personal history. Imin had studied in Israel for his post-graduate degree in 2017. The Chinese propaganda machine decided that Israel must be behind Imin’s activities, too.


Also, some Western anti-imperialist influencers were quick to jump on the bandwagon of accusers, including Ben Norton, the founder of the notorious, anti-Western “Greyzone News”.


As most Uyghurs have too much on their plate right now with the ongoing genocide and disappearing family members, many have decided to stay out of other global conflicts.

There have long been accusations that the CIA is behind the diaspora Uyghur movements. Now the claims have widened to include Israel.

It is important to note that Israel has not challenged China over the Uyghur genocide.


Edited by Abdulmuqtedir

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