China plans to tighten Uyghur siege under virus pretext



By Arman (Uyghur News Agency)




According to information on social media on October 4th, the Yining City Disease Prevention Command Headquarters issued a notice about the plans of the Chinese authorities to tighten the siege policy in Yining, including the entire Uygur homeland (East Turkistan) because of the so-called ‘infectious situation’. The English translation of the announcement is as follows: 


“To the general public of Yining City:


The current epidemic situation in our city is complex: We have found that the virus has spread to surrounding towns and provinces via people who have travelled there from Ghulja, which has increased the risk of the epidemic spreading abroad. 


According to the Epidemic Prevention Measures (9th edition) issued by the State Administration, and because of the need to reduce the risk of the epidemic spreading across regions, and resolutely preventing it from spreading abroad, and effectively defending the epidemic prevention work carried out by the state, the national and autonomous region request of the relevant authorities to follow the below articles:






1- Starting today, the city residents will be prohibited from leaving Ghulja and Xinjiang unless necessary. In case of serious illness that requires leaving Ghulja or Xinjiang, such as medical treatment, they can go through the procedures for leaving Gulji or Xinjiang based on special compliance with the procedures for leaving Ghulja or Xinjiang; 


2. Starting today, Urumqi Divopu Airport will stop transfers for people who are changing flights from various provinces; 


3. Starting today all train traffic out of Xinjiang will be halted.


4. Starting today, inspections will be strictly enforced on the highways leading out of the Ili District; 


5. The authorities will notify the general public of the cancellation of the above-mentioned regulations.


All people should participate in epidemic prevention, and everyone has a responsibility. We ask the general public to understand, support, and cooperate with the epidemic work. 


Contact phone numbers: ***** 


Yining City Disease Control Headquarters