Ceremony to honour Uyghur Poet and Professor Sultan Mahmud Kashigi held in Istanbul

Image: Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition




By Amine Wayit Sedef

Translated from Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition



World Uyghur Writers Union, East Turkistan Foundation, World Uyghur Congress Foundation, and Humayana Turkic World Women’s Union held a ceremony in Istanbul to honor Poet and Professor Sultan Mahmud Kashigi. It was to celebrate the 85th birthday of the veteran author, the 70th anniversary of his literary creation, and the 55th anniversary of his academic career. 


The celebration brought together the master’s family and relatives, leaders of the groups that organized the event, and intellectuals from all walks of life. The hosts introduced the meaningful moments from the master’s life; his writings, research, and contributions to Uyghur medicine, 

as well as commentary on the master and his works.


Poet and professor Dr. Sultan Mehmood Kashigi has been engaged in many literary creations and academic research in his 85 years and has written 19 books in various genres. Some of the books have been published by various publishing houses inside and outside his homeland.


 When he was a doctoral supervisor at the University of Therakia, he led his students to study some works of Uyghur literature. Master Sultan Mahmud Kashghi is a poet and professor who not only worked in the field of science but also accomplished much for Uyghur medicine and wrote several books and articles on this topic. 


This appreciation event was the first of its kind and was meaningful in a unique way. The participants said that honouring the work of the Uyghur elders who have achieved success in various fields of the Uyghur society will give the scholars spiritual strength for their further creativity, research, and work, as well as support and encouragement for those who follow in their footsteps. 


At the end of the event, the “World Uyghur Writers Association” thanked the teacher and gave him a hat and a hat. Organizations and individuals who participated in the event presented flowers, books, and various gifts to express their respect and gratitude to the teacher. Finally, on behalf of the Uyghur News Agency, we congratulate the teacher on his 85th birthday and wish him a lifetime of blessings and fruitful work.