China to introduce national, interconnected, electronic health codes by 2025

by Anne Kader

Photo by Eric Lin on Unsplash



By Anne Kader



China will establish a new, unified, interconnected national health data platform by 2025, which will – among other things – share everyone’s medical information with all the hospitals. The electronic health code will differ from present digital QR codes that track people’s Covid-test records and travel history. The new platform is built on the pre-pandemic digital health records of all residents, Chinese health authorities announced last week, according to Beijing Business Daily.





The databases of the whole population and their electronic health and medical records will be even more complete. Each resident will have a dynamically managed electronic health record and a functional electronic health code.


There are fears that the regime will manipulate the health data platform to stop unwanted activities such as demonstrations. This week, hundreds of bank depositors planned to protest in Henan, insisting on accessing their frozen funds. They suddenly found themselves unable to travel as the authorities had turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.

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