Why Latin American netizens need to know about ‘Genocidio de Uigures’

by Anne Kader




Anne Kader


The online information war between China and the West is not only taking place in Chinese or English but has found its way to Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking social media in Latin America, too. 


Chinese government-affiliated accounts promote ‘Xinjiang’ propaganda in Latin America, while mainline media and human rights organizations have reported about Uyghurs. Most recently, there have been calls by Latin Twitter to Saudi Arabia not to extradite Uyghurs to China.


Share America, the online platform of the U.S. State Department has done a great job in updating its Spanish speaking readers on the Uyghurs’ plight.


China has also harnessed some Spanish-speaking ‘useful idiots’ to spread the CCP propaganda and the ‘happy Uyghurs, no genocide’ – narrative.


Ultimately, there is a battle over votes in the different UN bodies, whether the Uyghur genocide can freely be discussed and condemned.







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