What should be the priorities of Uyghur Activism in 2021?

Tahir Imin Uyghurian

In 2021, what must be included in activism agenda of Uyghur diaspora?
Following are my suggestions to Uyghur groups and individuals across the globe:

  1. Getting governments around the world to officially recognize the “Uyghur Genocide”.
  2. Renew our efforts on getting a “Prevention of Uyghur Forced labor Act” past in the U.S., and European countries.
  3. Continuing our works on calling major global companies to stop their collaboration with Chinese companies complicit in Uyghur forced labor.
  4. Raising awareness among Hollywood stars about Uyghur genocide and getting them to speak and act on it.
  5. Making efforts to increase the number of countries that support the Uyghurs in the UN from 39 in 2020.
  6. Strengthening advocacy in the Muslim World and getting 3-5 Muslim majority countries to support the Uyghurs.
  7. Strengthening various activities of the Uyghurs in Turkey. With the support of the Turkish people, pressuring the Turkish government to refrain from extraditing any Uyghurs to China.
  8. Rescuing Uyghur refugees stranded around the world including Thailand and Syria especially the women and children.
  9. Strengthening cooperation with Jewish and Christian organizations.
  10. making efforts to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Recommendations on internal reforms:

  1. Reforming Uyghur organizations. Unifying the governments in exile into one government in exile. Establishing an Uyghur parliament in the diaspora.
  2. Enhancing the relations and cooperation between the Uyghurs in Central Asia and the Uyghurs in other countries. Bringing the Uyghurs in Central Asia to the Uyghur national movement.
  3. Strengthening Uyghur cultural and political nationalism.
  4. Bringing the Uyghur children that were born and grew up in the West to the Uyghur national movement and providing them with opportunities to participate in it.
  5. Establishing a strong Uyghur education fund.
  6. Give trust and belief to every Uyghur that a free, and democratic Uyghur nation will prevail and rise up.
  7. All Uyghur organizations must start to work on getting the recognition that the Uyghur land is an occupied territory by China.

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