How can the new generation be integrated into the Uyghur society?

by Uyghur Times

Uyghur Reform Ideas (2) 

Tahir Emin Uighurian 

December 25, 2020

The new generation is important for the future of any nation. At present, the Uyghur nation is facing a New Generation Crisis both in our homeland and abroad. Most of our Uyghur population abroad are youngsters, and the identity crisis among them is grievous. As Uyghurs living in foreign lands, if we do not bring them back to the Uyghur society timely and cultivate them as Uyghurs, the mainstream society in which they live will take them away from us and the Uyghur nation will lose them. So how should we do it?  

1. First and foremost, parents should raise them with love. If a child does not receive enough parental love, then the child’s love for his or her own nation will also be insufficient. 

2. Parents need to be able to understand, adapt, and communicate with their children. By understanding them can the parents right guide them. 

3. It is essential to let them sense the beauty and charm of Uyghur culture compared to other cultures. It is necessary to let them feel the beauty of Uyghur food, Uyghur clothing, Uyghur music, Uyghur dance, and the vitality in Uyghur weddings and activities. 

4. It is essential to let them know the successful Uyghurs in different fields both in history and today, such as scholars and other contributors, and let them realize that the Uyghurs have such qualities that are not less than any other nation.  

5. It is necessary to let them realize that the various bad vices in Uyghur society are normal social phenomena like among any other nation, and that every nation has its advantages and disadvantages, and if we promote the good qualities, then our good qualities will prevail, and if we propagate the bad qualities, then the bad qualities will triumph.

6. It is vital to let the young generation to actively involve in various public activities in the Uyghur community. In doing so, they will find a sense of belonging and grow up among the community. 

7. Young people should be encouraged to make friends from Uyghurs. Friendship has a direct influence on young people’s way of thinking, on their way of life. Their Uyghur friends will be an impetus for them to mingle with Uyghurs in the future. 

8. The new generation should be encouraged to marry Uyghurs. Marriage is a small window of society. If the new generation are not married to Uyghurs, the core foundation of our society will be destroyed.  

9. It is important to demonstrate to them that they are highly respected and loved by the Uyghur community and that they are very important to Uyghurs. In this way, they will fight for a community that loves them. And when they make mistakes, we should not hate them, should give them a chance, and should always look for ways to get them back on track again. 

10. It is necessary to create an environment of common language and way of thinking through books in Uyghur language. If the books read are the same, the sense of belonging will be the same. 

11. Let them realize that because of Uyghurs’ unwavering strength, hard work and intelligence, Uyghurs are being persecuted by the oppressive and cruel enemy. But the truth will be won by the efforts of all Uyghurs and the world community.  

Finally, the organizations, the media, the activists and every parent should not ignore the hopes of the future nation, create the necessary conditions for educating the young Uyghur generation to contribute to the Uyghur cause.f

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