Alarming trend of Uyghur genocide denialism among Western Marxists

Image: AK



By Anne Kader



After a five-day visit to ‘Xinjiang’ (occupied East Turkistan) between August 1-5, envoys from thirty Islamic countries said that China is protecting the rights of the Uyghur population, Morning Star, a left-wing British newspaper dares to claim. The article’s author insists that there is no Uyghur genocide in ‘Xinjiang’.


The visit was coordinated by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Where do these outrageous genocide denials originate? We know this to be the official narrative of the Chinese communist party (CCP). However, it is alarming that so many Western leftists willingly jump into the CCP bandwagon and repeat the CCP propaganda and outright lies. 


The Morning star article mocked Adrian Zenz, a renowned researcher on the Uyghur genocide, by calling him a propagandist.


The corrupted opinions of so-called Muslim envoys from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, and Pakistan further amplified the compromised report. They all have their fair share of home-bred human rights violations and are thus willing to turn a blind eye to China’s crimes against humanity. Recent business opportunities under Xi Jinping’s flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have hindered any criticism of CCP’s violations against the Uyghurs.