What is the real purpose of Uzbek YouTuber Muradjan’s visit to Uyghurs’ homeland?

by Anne Kader

Image: Screenshot from Zerkalo Vostoka Youtube Channel




Reported by Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition



Since December 31, 2022, videos of an Uzbek citizen named Muradjan visiting Ghulja, Urumqi, Kashgar and other regions of our motherland started appearing on the Zerkalo Vostoka (Mirror of the East) YouTube channel. Chinese propaganda slogans such as that the lives of Uyghurs are peaceful and free, that mosques are open, and that there is freedom of worship. Muradjan, who visited an Uzbek family in Gulja and the mausoleum of the Uzbek poet Furqat in Yekan, said during his visit to Kashgar: “When we were abroad, we thought that the lives of Uyghurs looked like they were in danger, but now I have seen it with my own eyes.”



Image: Screenshot from Zerkalo Vostoka Youtube Channel



What does Muradjan’s visit mean?


For years, the Chinese media has used various methods to hide and justify the Uyghur genocide and the crime of systematic assimilation of Uyghurs. Alas, they could not convince the global community. It is evident that China now uses foreigners to promote its campaign. Different versions of such promotional material have appeared in Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkish, and other languages. The Chinese government has indebted the Central Asian Turkic republics with huge loans. The use of these debt-trapped countries driven to do in promotional videos is a sign of this.

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