Uyghurs submit 3rd case at ICC to investigate China

by Anne Kader




East Turkistan government in exile and the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement have filed the third attempt at International Criminal Court. The new evidence meets the ICC’s requirements as it includes insider witness testimonies from Uyghurs.


Chinese officials are operating in foreign countries to help deport Uyghurs back to China. Witnesses in Tajikistan have told that officers are threatening them to become informers. Otherwise, they would face visa problems. The officials have also targeted family members of people who tried to speak out.


Uyghurs are receiving phone calls from relatives in China “requesting them to go back.” The local police co-operate with China’s requests to take Uyghurs to the border, from where the Chinese agents deport them to China.


According to the lawsuit, the Uyghur population in Tajikistan has decreased by more than 85% and in Kyrgyzstan by 87%.


Since the first submission, international condemnations of China’s human rights abuses in East Turkistan have escalated. The US state department, Canada, and the Netherlands have formally declared the treatment of Uyghurs to be genocide.


Legal and human rights groups have found China to breach every article of the UN’s genocide convention.



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