Uyghurs are dying and the world is watching!

by Anne Kader

Photo: Alexa / Pixabay 



By Yaruk 




The Holocaust took place 80 years ago. The surviving Jews established their state and described what they had experienced. The world heard what Hitler had done to the Jews, and many countries and international organizations vowed “Never again” to prevent another genocide like the Holocaust from happening again in the modern and civilized world. 


Since then – unfortunately – genocides against many ethnic groups have taken place in many countries. Researchers and observers view the Uyghur genocide as the most severe genocide after the Holocaust. Nazi Germany starved the Jews, made them work unbearably, locked them in camps and underground cellars, suffocated them, burned their houses, etc. What Xi and the CCP are doing is no different.  


For example, Uyghurs must work long hours in factories throughout China without decent pay. This has been happening for years, and now they are facing starvation under China’s severe zero-Covid policy. In the last four months, China has closed Uyghurs in their homes, using quarantine as an excuse. Due to a locked fire exit in an Urumqi apartment block at least forty-four Uyghurs were killed in a fire that broke out on November 24. The CCP is using every opportunity to eliminate the Uyghurs.  


What is the rest of the world doing? I agree, many countries were dealing with their problems when the Holocaust happened and only learned the horrific truth later. By that time it was too late. That’s why those countries said “Never Again” so that something like the Holocaust would never happen again. Yes, there were reasons why they didn’t know then. Media and communication technologies were not as advanced as they are today and the news feed was also very slow. However, today the situation is completely different. The Uyghur genocide is no longer a secret. Nine western countries, the USA in particular, accepted China’s treatment of Uyghurs as “genocide”. International media organizations have reported on the Uyghur genocide, albeit not enough.  


Uyghurs in the diaspora inform about the current genocide as effectively as they can. The survivors of the Chinese death camps travel from country to country and give firsthand testimonies about the genocidal practices in China’s concentration camps.  


In summary, no civilized. country can claim that they have not heard about the Uyghur genocide. Why does this genocide continue? Why has it not stopped? How long will the world public opinion in democratic countries and defending human rights and equality, not raise their voices? There are many questions, and many of them are not easy to answer. In the face of all these facts and questions, there is something that does not change about the Uyghur genocide: Uyghurs are being killed, and the world is sadly just watching.



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