Uyghur Times Bi-weekly Synopsis (Oct 16-31, 2022)

by Anne Kader


Discussion on Uyghur poet Abdurahim Otkur and East Turkistan held in Istanbul


 Oct 27, 2022 


By Amina Sadaf


East Turkistan Foundation in Istanbul regularly hosts “Conversation Days” about the pioneers of modern Uyghur literature. This time the topic was Poet and author Mr. Abdurrahim Otkur.


On October 22, the East Turkistan Foundation conference hall in Istanbul’s Vazinice quarter welcomed professors, doctors, academic masters, students, and other literary enthusiasts.






Canadian Parliament passes bill to grant asylum to Uyghur refugees


Oct 26, 2022


The Canadian Parliament voted on the bill to grant asylum to Uyghurs and 

other Turkic groups persecuted by the Chinese regime. The bill received 

258 votes in favor and 0 votes against it.


The Canadian immigration committee presented a report to the lower house of the Canadian Parliament and requested the government to accept Uyghurs and other ethnic groups persecuted by China. It is the second vote on the Uyghur issue after lawmakers voted in 2021 on a resolution to recognize the Uyghur genocide.






Tahir Imin: “I still remember the Uyghur ballot from 2012.”


 Oct 25, 2022


Tahir Imin: I remember the 2012 Uyghur public opinion poll – the first ever 

conducted in Urumqi, in collaboration with “Baghdash Network” and “Öz 

Türk” company. 


This ballot was the first independent one in the Uyghur community, organized and participated by Uyghurs. The election did not involve the 

government, and its discretionary nature made it hard to evaluate. The 

poll started at the end of 2012, and the results came out at the 

beginning of 2013.





Interview with Asgar Can, President of the Uyghur Community in Europe 


Oct 21, 2022



by Nawel Alaoui


I met Mr. Asgar Can for the first time on Friday, September 30, at the Payot bookstore in Geneva during an event organized by the Society for Threatened Peoples. During this event, two Uyghur women who survived the Chinese concentration camps testified to the hell they lived through.



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