Uyghur survivors stage hunger strike outside White House

by Anne Kader

Photo: Uyghur American Association



By Tahir Imin Uyghurian


On Monday, September 19, a group of Uyghur camp survivors started a hunger strike in front of the White House in Washington DC in solidarity with Uyghurs starving in the Chinese-occupied East Turkistan due to China’s zero covid policies. The protesters want to draw attention to the Uyghur genocide and call for the United Nations to introduce a resolution on Uyghur human rights. They ask the United States to hold China accountable for the Uyghur genocide as the world leaders gather for a UN summit in New York.


“No concentration camp survivor should have to go on a hunger strike outside the White House to get the world to speak up against China’s mass starvation of Uyghurs in ‘Xinjiang’! Invite her into the White House to break her fast and let the world hear her voice at the UN!”, a supporter of the strike tweets.


Photo: Uyghur American Association




Uyghur American Association thanks a Washington DC Nurse, Mary Paradise, for donating her time to check the vitals of those on strike! The protestors would also like to thank the DC police for protecting them day and night! However, there is still no word from the White House! 


Our Washingtonians Supporting Hong Kong (DC4HK) visited Uyghur activists at the White House during the second day of their hunger strike. 


Congressman Chris Smith and Kelley Currie, an American human rights lawyer and former government official, came to show their continuous support on the 3rd day of the Uyghur hunger strike in DC.

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