Uyghur dance group wins German “Jugend Tanzt 2023” competition

by Anne Kader
2 minutes read

In December 2023, a Uyghur dance group from Munich won the Jugend Tanzt 2023 competition organized by the German Federal Dance Association (DBT), Uyghur Times German Edition reports.

The group from Munich took first and second place in the folk dance category. The impressive Dolan dance qualified for the nationwide competition in Paderborn with first place. The Sama dance resulted in second place. 

Jugend Tanzt is aimed at young dancers aged 10 to 21 and allows them to present their dancing talent to a big audience. The participants can compete as soloists or groups in various categories, such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance.

The competition extends over several stages, starting with regional preliminary rounds and ending with the national finals. The winners not only receive prizes but also have the chance to qualify for international competitions. 

The Uyghur dance group impressed the jury of well-known dance educators, choreographers, and dancers and the audience with their extraordinary performance. Now, the group is looking forward to Paderborn. 

The coach of the group, Halise Abdullah of the “Association for Uyghur Culture and Education e.V.”, said how “this achievement is of great importance for the Uyghur diaspora. It strengthens our cultural identity and shows the impressive artistic talent of our Uyghur community in Germany.”

Partially translated from the original Uyghur Times article in German.

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