Uyghur culture introduced at Biruni University in Istanbul

by Anne Kader
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Image: Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition



By Amina Sadaf

Translated and edited from Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition

Istanbul, Türkiye  —  On December 28, Istanbul Biruni University hosted a cultural presentation event for students from various countries. The well-prepared Uyghur students participated in the event so that the others could learn about [Uyghur] food and clothing of East Turkistan, our motherland, and also hear about the severe oppression of the Uyghur people.

We interviewed Dr. Razia Kashghi, a student at Biruni University, who told us about the significance and role of the event. “The Uyghur students presented our culture in every possible way: Our colorful cuisine and unique national costumes attracted the attention of the school leaders and students from all over the world. We introduced ourselves and kept everyone fully informed about the current situation of Uyghurs.


Image: Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition

The school leadership and many others said they would take care of us in every way: stand by the Uyghurs in the media wars against China and support Uyghur medicine. We need to carry out such activities in all schools.

We, the students, left our motherland to study abroad, and now our families are persecuted. Uyghurs studying abroad is a crime in the eyes of China. We can awaken new insights about China in our listeners.

The week before, from December 22 to 24, Biruni University Literary and Poetry Club hosted an event themed ‘Where’s My Family?’ There was an art exhibition. Although it was initially to be a one-day event, the school authorities allowed it to continue for two days. The photos about the Uyghur genocide and the culture exhibited in the event attracted unexpected interest and attention from the participants. In this photo exhibition, the Uyghur students led by Mrs. Razia Kashigi played an important role in introducing the current situation of Uyghurs to the exhibition participants.

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