Two Uyghur scholars arrested in Urumchi

by Anne Kader
1 minutes read

Two renowned Uyghur intellectuals have disappeared in Urumchi, Abduweli Ayup posts on X. 

In the cold spring of 2022, Arzugul Abliz and Firket Abdukerim were living their ordinary lives in Urumchi when the police broke into their home and arrested the two of them; first the wife, and then a month later, the husband.

Arzugul Abliz, the Uyghur Professor, whose term is unknown, was arrested on March 3, 2022, at her home. Abliz was born in 1964. She is a professor of tourism at Xinjiang University. She is accused of separatism due to keeping Uyghur historical novels at home. Hundreds of other instructors have also faced arrests.

Uyghur Athletics teacher Firket Abdukerim was arrested in April 2022 at his home. He was born in 1964 and worked as a teacher at No.38 Middle School in Urumchi. Thousands of Uyghurs have similarly disappeared behind bars.

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