Sanji Province alone produces 1 million tons of corn

by Anne Kader
4 minutes read

Photo illustration: Sarah Clarry from Pixabay



Translated from Uyghur Times – Uyghur Edition 




This year Chinese companies are producing one million tons of corn in the Sanji Hui Autonomous Prefecture of the so-called Uyghur Autonomous Region (East Turkistan).


Sanji Hui Autonomous Prefecture has 130,000 acres of cultivated land spreading over Sanji City, Qutubi County, and Manas County. The total corn harvest will likely increase by one million tons. Nine production companies currently produce soy sauce in Sanji, and none belong to Uyghur entrepreneurs, Uyghur News Agency reveals.


Jingtai Sorghum Products Co., Ltd of Qutubi County is one of the nine companies producing sorghum paste. Li Jian, the head of the production plant of Jingtai Company, explains: “This year, our company signed a contract to plant 7,500 acres of sorghum with 300 families farming in Qutubi County. In return, we are expecting to purchase 70,000 tons of sorghum.” 


Last week, a report published by the Washington-based Uyghur Human Rights Project UHRP revealed that Asian markets in the US are selling Chinese products, such as chili and red dates, both tainted by Uyghur forced labor.


No one knows yet where China plans to sell the products from Sanji.


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