After second hearing, French National Assembly to vote on Uyghur Genocide

by Anne Kader

Photo by Ikuha_uyghur



The European Uyghur Institute co-hosted and organized the second hearing with the French Socialist Party ( Parti Socialiste) to determine whether Uyghur Genocide is happening, Uyghur Times | Uyghur Edition reported. The meeting took place in the French Parliament building in Paris on January 17.


The two organizations invited representatives of various parties in the parliament, survivors of the concentration camps (Gulbahar Hatiwaji, Gulbahar Jalilova, Omer Bekali, and Qelbinur Sidiq), and French media reporters. French Uyghur Association, Uyghur Academy of Sciences, and France for Uyghur Youth Alliance also participated in the hearing.


During the meeting, the concentration camp survivors told their horrific experiences and answered questions from reporters. Adrian Zenz, an expert on Uyghur issues, participated in the meeting through a video call. He described what the current genocide against the Uyghurs entails and showed plenty of evidence of the Chinese government’s crimes. 


Olivier Faure, the Head of the French Socialist Party, told reporters: Our party is submitting this bill to the House of Representatives for a vote. I believe more than five hundred House of Representatives members will vote yes on the grounds of moral obligation. If so, it will be a historic day.


The French National Assembly is due to vote on Thursday on a draft resolution condemning the crimes against humanity that China has committed against the Uyghurs.


(Translated from Uyghur Times | Uyghur Edition)

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