Op-ed: The Muslim world’s hypocrisy regarding Quran burning in China and in the West

Isn’t every Quran the same? The answer is yes, but not in case of the so-called Muslim world.

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By Tahir Imin Uyghurian


Isn’t every Quran the same? The answer is yes, but not in case of the so-called Muslim world.

Whatever the reason, burning a religious holy book like the Quran is racist and stupid. Days after the burning of the Quran during a protest in Stockholm, Turkish President Erdogan turned the incident into a global scandal and barred Sweden from joining NATO. Other Muslim countries and communities have also condemned the incident.

What a great response! However, for years every major media outlet has reported on the even worse treatment of Islam and Muslims in China.

The reactions, however, have been different on the same issue: when it happened in the West, Muslim governments and leaders protested and criticized the western governments. When a westerner burns a Quran, entire Muslim communities all over the world organize protests, even if that country or its government had nothing to do with the incident. However, when China attacked Islam, the Muslim world fell silent.

For years, all major media outlets have reported, independent think tanks have documented, and Uyghurs have testified that the Chinese government has destroyed thousands of mosques, arrested millions of Uyghur Muslims, sentenced religious leaders to lengthy prison terms and killed them, and forced Muslims to eat pork.

The Chinese government placed Chinese officials in Uyghur homes and forced Uyghur women to sleep with them in a so-called “unified Chinese family,” and many Uyghur women faced rape. According to the BBC and other news outlets.

The aforementioned prompts us to pose some simple questions to the Muslim world: Why don’t you protest the Chinese government in the same manner when it has removed and desecrated the Quran and Islamic symbols? Where have you been all these years? Do you revere China or Allah? Isn’t there just one Quran? Can you even represent Islam or the Quran if you continue to be this hypocritical? The entire world is watching and laughing at you. You are mocking yourself.

An elementary responsibility of every decent human being is to speak the truth, not to mention that voicing the facts in front of a brutal regime is the most honorable form of Jihad (holy war), as described in the Hadith.

The hypocrisy of the Muslim world is repugnant and only serves to harm Islam’s image and the reputation of all Muslim countries and communities.



Anne Kader

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