Rebiya Kadeer: World Health Organization must take action on behalf of Uyghur people

by Uyghur Times
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When the world started to consider serious measures amid the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, we have worried about the situation of more than 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps in East Turkestan and we have petitioned the international community to prevent possible tragedy in those camps. Because the people in the camps were the most vulnerable to the Wuhan Virus. It’s reported that 13000 Wuhan people fled to East Turkestan before the Wuhan city closed.

RFA reported on Feb 7 that 99 people in a small hotel in Artush were quarantined. On Feb10, the RFA reported that an Uyghur named Miradil Nurahmat was quarantined in the 6th district along with other people.

These reports shocked us. Because we have facts that the place called 6th district was used as a concentration camp. The official spoke to RFA tried to defend why the authorities have detained Miradil in a place next to concentration camps.

But we don’t know if this 6th district is still being used as a concentration camp. Nevertheless, it’s a dangerous place to being next to the concentration camp. Because the people there have suffered a lot during the last three years. Therefore, human rights groups have been warning the Chinese authorities about the virus and called them to release the detainees and prevent the spread of the virus.

The Chinese authorities ignored the warning. The arrangement of infected people closes to concentration camps or too near them is nothing more than forcing the 3 million people to death. Before we have said that, for political and historical reasons, the authorities don’t care about the lives of 3 million people in the camps. Now our speculation is proven to be true.

So we repeat our emergency call: the three million people in the camps don’t know about the coronavirus. They don’t know the virus is coming toward them. their family members can’t inform them about it.

The only international community can help them.

As the voice of those people, I call the international community to speak up for my people and act to save their lives.

Particularly, I call on the World Health Organization to investigate the coronavirus in Uyghuritsan.


Uyghur National Movement

Rebiya kadeer

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