“Let My People Go”: Writing Letters to Uyghurs in Prison

by Anne Kader

Photo: JMUF



By Jewish Movement for Uyghur Freedom



The Jewish Movement for Uyghur Freedom (JMUF) is delighted to announce its latest campaign in development. “Let My People Go” references the successful letter writing by world Jewry in the 1980s to Soviet Jewish political prisoners.


JMUF will be holding extensive letter-writing events in the USA, Canada, and Europe, sending letters to Uyghur prisoners incarcerated in the mass prison and “re-education camp” system in China. 


If you have any family members in the CCP prisons and want them to be recipients of these letters, please contact JMUF with the name and address of the relative. 


We hope that by sending these letters, we can inform China that these victims are not forgotten or ignored by the rest of the world. We are fighting for their quick release. We want to use the letter-writing events as an opportunity for education and action on the issue and let the prison authorities and the incarcerated Uyghurs know that we have not forgotten them.


The Xingjiang Victims Database has identified the Uyghur recipients as individuals whom the Chinese government has arrested and incarcerated on spurious charges as its genocidal attempt to eradicate the Uyghur culture and existence. 


In recent years, the Chinese government has intensified its intrusive mass surveillance of the Uyghur community. The networks of government-run detention centers and prisons in Xinjiang have expanded significantly, resulting in the mass incarceration of between one to three million people, primarily Uyghurs.


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