High-ranking Chinese official says ‘Sinicisation’ of Islam ‘inevitable’

by Anne Kader
1 minutes read

“Ma Xingrui, a high-ranking Communist Party official from the Chinese-occupied homeland of the Uyghurs, claimed that the “Sinicisation” of Islam is “inevitable,”” Reuters reports. He emphasized the need for” “regional security and development”.

“Chinese leader Xi Jinping has repeatedly called for the “Sinicisation” of religions including Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity, urging followers to pledge loyalty to the Communist Party above all else,” the report continues.

Beijing has notoriously destroyed houses of worship and restricted religious practices – in particular – in the Uyghur’s ancestral homeland. These injustices have not gone unnoticed by international Human Rights watchdogs.

With the month of Ramadan starting at the beginning of this week, the Chinese Communist Party aims to keep the region “secure” and allure foreign tourists to debunk “any claims of genocide.” Uyghur activists in the West rightfully call these Potemkin tours “Genocide Tourism” and a blatant attempt to cover up the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist government.

Photo by Darmau / Unsplash 

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