Government crackdown anticipated against zero-Covid protests in Uyghur Autonomous Region

by Anne Kader


By Anne Kader

The Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Party Committee, chaired by Ma Xingrui, the Committee Secretary, gathered on the morning of November 26. It studied how to implement “General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important work on epidemic prevention and control”, a Chinese media outlet reports.

The committee urges the Autonomous Region and the general public to uphold Xi Jinping’s and the Central Government’s vision for national epidemic control.

The committee boasts how with the help of loyal cadres, the authorities have “achieved major results in epidemic prevention in Urumqi, and aims to uphold its standard, as “the risk of the epidemic transmission has not been eliminated”.  The Committee ordered, “all departments at all levels in Urumqi to continuously improve their political judgment, comprehension, and execution ability, and understanding of epidemic prevention and control, and base their actions on the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech.”

The CPC Central Committee brazenly claims to adhere to the principle of the “people first, people’s lives first” policy. And it will without hesitation punish all that is ‘spreading rumors’ or engaging in illegal acts such as ‘spreading rumors, inciting troubles, and violently resisting epidemic prevention and control measures.

The committee encourages promoting nucleic acid detection, flow investigation, isolation, and population transfers.

*The quotes are from Chinese state media and do not reflect the views of the Uyghur Times

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