China’s propaganda department launched another attack against Mike Pompeo

by Uyghur Times

In a statement published on the government mouthpiece official news website tengritagh(tianshan), the Chinese regime apparently coerced a group Uighurs in East Turkistan (a.k.a. Xinjiang) to sign on a joint statement against the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The signatures on this letter cannot be verified independently. But, one thing is clear that those people cannot and do not represent the real voice of the Uighurs suffering from ethnic genocide at this very moment. This so called joint statement is not so much different from the forced confessions on China’s state TV.

Using Uighurs has become a quite familiar tactic of China when it comes to cover up its crimes against humanity, including the surveillance of Uighurs, cultural genocide and the ongoing concentration camps. In several occasions, puppet Uighur officials like Shohrat Zakir and Erkin Tuniyaz were used to deter criticism of China’s horrendous human rights violations.

It has been reported many times in the past couple of years that Uighur language has been banned in schools and people has been severely punished for speaking Uighur language at schools, universities, and other places. So, it is pure ironic that those people can put their signatures in Uighur writing too.

In this forced false statement, China again claimed that Uighurs are living happily under the communist party’s leadership. It has falsely defended Chinese regime’s crimes in four main aspects, including the concentration camps which detained more than 3 million Uighurs, systematically wiping out Uighur culture, targeting Uighur people’s faith under the disguise of false terrorism and extremism,  and targeting the whole Uighur nation with digital surveillance equipped with artificial intelligence based facial recognition technology.

This false statement from China has truly renewed the definition of hypocrisy. It has become the undeniable fact that China put millions of Uighurs in the concentration camps and trying to forcefully assimilate the Uighurs in short time period and conduct secret massacres on the ones who refuse to assimilate or being the authority or leaders of Uighur identity. Mass incarceration of the Uighur intellectuals, artists, writers, actors, singers, businessmen, and other elites within the Uighur society  is the clear proof.

Uighur people around the world strongly condemn this false joint statement. It is just a shameful tactic of deception by the communist Chinese regime. We strongly urge the Chinese government to recognize its criminal policies against the Uighurs and immediately stop its campaign to eliminate the Uighur nation by persecuting people merely based on their ethnic identity.

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