China cannot control Uyghur artists in exile

by Anne Kader

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians / Pixabay



Creativity flows from the innermost being of man. It conveys one’s imagination to others. It flies like a morning bird and sees the beauty and opportunities of a new day. Creativity thrives in freedom.

Uyghurs are creative people, and there are many talented musicians, dancers, and writers in their midst. Their beautiful crafts and tapestry reveal their skill for detail.

However, the Chinese communist party has robbed the Uyghurs of their freedom and locked them in political brainwashing camps. The ruthless regime has harnessed Uyghurs’ creativity for their state propaganda. By restricting freedom, the totalitarian government has on purpose spoiled the fertile soil for Uyghur expression and halted the fresh flow of their creativity.

Why is the government so afraid of Uyghurs freely expressing themself? There is power in free expression, and the regime sees Uyghurs better stripped of the weapon of creativity. Creativity is a vision for change. China has arbitrarily locked up hundreds of Uyghur influencers in hopes of blocking their influence.

Fortunately, creativity is like energy. One can not distinguish it, but it may change form. Such is the case of Uyghur art and other forms of cultural expression. Creativity is now flourishing in the Uyghur expatriate communities, where the long arm of the Chinese communist regime cannot control it. It may try, but it is doomed to fail. Uyghur creativity in exile is flourishing and rightfully irritating the sensitive leadership in Beijing.


Many Uyghur artists and writers in exile are now venting their pain through political cartoons and writings. The red monster cannot control the strokes of their pens and paintbrushes anymore.

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