Breaking: VOC launches the largest Uyghur dataset: 5 million data entries, 730,000 victim situations

Breaking: VOC launched largest Uyghur Dataset: 5 million data entries, 730,000 victimsstatus

 by Uyghur Yurek

Breaking: VOC launched largest Uyghur Dataset: 5 million data entries, 730,000 individual status 


The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) launched a new search tool that included 5 million data entries and help researchers and Uyghurs in the diaspora find out the whereabouts of 730,000 missing or detained Uyghurs in China.

Most of the 700,000+ individuals are from Konasheher and Tekes counties (Uyghur / Kazakh regions), but 9 other counties have data on over 10,000 persons. There is raw data output on persons from 48 counties. Many thousands are shown to be in camps or prisons. 

Adrian Zenz, the leading researcher at VOC, said: “We wanted to make this information available as the Uyghur/Kazakh diaspora is desperate for any information on their loved ones.” This was a major effort, and I am grateful for all those involved in it. A particular shout-out to the tireless @mpr0010 who made this possible.”


According to Adrian, the search results also output ~6,000+ associated images of persons containing the files. Anyone can search the database using 18-digit PRC ID numbers or names transliterated into Chinese characters. Results can be filtered by county. The search outputs raw police file data in Chinese, derived from internal spreadsheets, sorted by file creation dates. 

The data is mostly from 2017 and 2018, with the most recent files being from December 2018. That is the most significant limitation of the file cache. 


There are some other victim databases created by other organizations, such as the Uyghur Transitional Justice Database: UTJD,, the Xinjiang Victims Database. “This new person search complements existing search tools, in particular the curated Xinjiang Victims Database @shahitbiz, which can be found at ,said Adrian.



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