Uyghur volunteers help to feed earthquake victims in Turkiye

by Anne Kader

Image: Omer Faruh / Twitter



By Anne Kader



Uyghurs in Turkey join their efforts to help earthquake victims in Kahramanmaraş city in southern Turkey. In the mobile kitchen, volunteers prepare and serve Uyghur rice to those who have lost their homes. 


The Uyghurs that arrived in Kahramanmaraş yesterday work in three groups: one helps unload the incoming supplies, the second one assists the earthquake survivors in preparing food, and the third group helps in the earthquake area.



Image: Omer Faruh / Twitter


Uyghur volunteer teams have also taken part in search and rescue operations in the affected areas and launched an emergency food supply.


A young Uyghur student named Abdullah Alim was among the casualties of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake this week.



Image: Nazgul Kenzhetay/ Twitter





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