Opinion :The Uyghur Muslims: A Global Scheme and The Family of Nations

The Uyghur Muslims: A Global Scheme and The Family of Nations


by Zaynab Abdullah (Educator)


A Game of Thrones

Regarding the current policies in China against the Uyghur Muslims, the Family of Nations positions Uyghur, the nation, as a pawn for the total annihilation of the Islamic world. While the United States bars intervention into foreign affairs until the last hour, bodies fall and the Euro-global agenda advances until the last hour when (like gangbusters) America gallops to rescue the oppressed from the oppressors. The Greco-Roman, British, German, and France Union with the Zionist and America wait for accusations of human rights violations to increase and public outcry to rise before it charts its move and directs the play of the game, the tone of the game, and the strategies of the game to showcase the Uyghur of East Turkestan and model affirmation of the eradication of Uyghur (humanity)  toward a Euro-Christian/Anglo Saxon cultures unequivocally away from Islamic culture, and toward polytheism and atheism. Given that circumstance, what should the Uyghur and their fellow Muslims expect from the American government, its media, and its missionary/interfaith — Zionist humanitarians?


A hidden agenda

First, American ideologues don’t  expect America to promote  a definitive addendum that warrants China to shut down the CCP camps, free the Uyghur and other Turkic Muslims then return them to their home status and state. This is a remote if not far afield unintended aspiration for the Family of Nations — Muslims included; at least and until China”s CCP’s program to remove, imprison, detain, murder, and assimilate the remaining population of Uyghur of East Turkestan. For this crisis, those European leaders and citizens who sympathize and those who do not (the so called Islamic states) will be indefinitely engaged in banter over China”s deception, media’s rhetoric, United Nation’s research; the U.S.calculating the policy value of entanglement — Europe measuring the advantages and disadvantages of the crisis to fulfill its capitalist and economic agenda: any plan to resolve the Uyghur issue must promote Euro-global patronization as well as further democratic ideologies. In the meantime, increasingly, the human factor looks more like an appendage dragged behind the world powers’ material quests and capitalistic interests.

In the long run, human beings are card-carrying statistics who become visible when any demographic is advantageous to the U.S. and it’s allies programs no matter the years or casualties it takes to implement. This Family of Nations (the all inclusive [Greco-Roman] developed nation-states), orchestrate the game —per crisis — position the pawns, the kings, the queens, the knights on their chessboard then strategize the plays. 


The greater increase in human loss, the greater publicity for the global agenda. Remember, the Family of Nations did not decide Bosnia as a genocide until after 150,000 + Muslims died. The noise against Myanmar and the Rohingya Muslims raised only within the last decade after millions of Muslims were dislocated, slain, slaughtered. Currently (wag-the- dog), India energized it’s oppressive policies against Kashmir, which mimic China and Myanmar. Whispers of  anti-China rhetoric leak from politicians—a quiet noise of recognition that something along the parameters of human rights is fueling circles of policy makers. As the year of the U.S. general election approaches, that cadre will enlarge to monitor the public’s pulse and decide what time and what action is warranted; of course, nothing is forthcoming until the agenda of the European Family of Nations coincides with their portent of progression and escalation in human rights events. In the meantime, the U.S. will take small steps to determine if its intervention into the region will absolutely posit the American nation as the Christian patron saint of democracy. 

The State of Islam and Muslims: “It’s a Family Affair”

While Muslims are distracted and deluded by the “race-religion” card, the Protestant missionaries with their global governments and missionary agents have known Islam as a sovereign state with Muslims as citizens. These players realize every real Muslim’s subliminal desire is for that sovereignty. The global agenda thwarts the ubiquitous inclination by misguiding Muslims to endless controversy and questions until discerning truth from falsehood is time consuming; and by disparaging the possibility of what they desire — Islamic sovereignty makes no sense. When the volume of cries for human rights against injustice reaches a level of noise wherein Muslims are sufficiently persuaded towards Christianity and atheism and they doubt the worth of Islam to resolve their condition, the Family ask the question: “Is it now feasible within our allotted time to execute policy in favor of human rights? The players of this game recognize that it is the right time when their goals and the goals of these other governments: China, Myanmar, Kashmir, Bosnia, and others, have effectively reached a level when the Islamic regions are sufficiently destabilized, the practice and culture of Islam is mostly unrecognizable and nearly eradicated; all vestiges of Islamic sovereignty are antiquated, and Muslims largely believe there is no longer a need for Allah (سبحان و تعال), Muhammad (صلا الله علئه و سلام), or Islam: practically, Islam for Muslims as a belief system, becomes nonessential and inconsequential. The Family and its agents drive the Muslim unity to disunity — sectarianism and secularism saturate as political socialization in education and media: engaging Muslims by distraction from clear solutions to controversy, discussion, and doubt. The final quest and signal goal for the Family of Nation agenda is achieved when Muslims enamor this world and flee from the Hereafter by reality and ideal. Isn’t it obvious that the global agenda is to align Muslims with Taghut, rebellion against Islam by associating partners before the Lord? China and the CCP’s program against the Uyghur Muslims informs and evidences this phenomenon. Clearly, when the U.S. alliance with the Family of Nations does move to intercede and address the cries of human rights violations — thanks (for the Muslims) will not be to Allah (تعالا), gratitude will be to the United States of America — check and mate!

(Map of Islam during 800 c.e in which the Islamic and Byzantium …)

Pawns Lose

Second, by injecting into the global agenda a threat of terrorism, exposing human rights violations, and responding to the outcry of tyranny claiming despotism in the Muslim world, the Family of Nations, undergirded by the US, allows governments to execute these oppressive policies after the new missionaries (NGOs), provocateurs, and press fulfill their tasks — on the ground, fueling a cry for democracy and Christianity (albeit the fields of Islamic character and law is weakened by inactions — Muslims do not counter or speak out against these infractions, so the opportunities for others [not Muslims] to predominate and excite protests and policy against tyranny and oppression are validated by the silence of Muslims: Muslims believe there is no need to speak). This means that democracy and moral chaos unseats Islam; thus, pleas for asylum,  a refugee state, and assimilation — the end goal: Christianity and atheism follow. Is it any wonder that these NGO (global policy missionaries), Christian missionaries, and military campaigns are executed in majority Muslim regions or countries (North, West, East, and Central Africa; Syria and Yemen)? There is an ample opportunity to destabilize these zones with majority Muslim populations so the oppressed citizens have a chance to escape to save themselves and their “religion”. In fact, isn’t it an opportunity to make Hijra away from the abuse and importuned Islam they suffer in their countries? Indeed, aren’t Muslims obliged to go West into Christian and atheist regions where they are free to “practice” their religion? In these places, aren’t Muslims free to believe, pray, fast, pay Zakah (legislated charity), and make Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) without establishing Islamic sovereignty? Is this the compromise or the game? What is seen is that the West — America, the United States — is the salve for all  oppressed humans — the hope of the masses, freedom for Muslims. In reality — when you look closely, it shows the opposite: the seat for immorality, extreme avarice, and pervasive human dysfunction.

The End Game

Muslims arriving in Euro-America become financiers or tax assets who overtly fund global repression, suppression, and oppression. Taxes with interest pay for global human rights violations and debunk Islamic sovereignty. Had the choice of escaping to North, East, West, or Central Africa, countries with largely Muslim populations, racism might nullify to humanism, greater freedoms to establish Islam would apply, and the struggle to unify the Umma (Muslim community) would be proximate. But, alas, the global Family of Nations’ agenda upended that opportunity by unseating legitimate sovereigns, funding graft, and seating political pawns to control African countries.  

The Family of Nations calculated Islam in their agenda for global Christian-Atheist dominance by interfering with every North and subsaharan African government. They made business deals and contracted loans with the IMF before China. They promised wealth to poor countries; credits from the World Bank to “build” infrastructure and “help” the region out of poverty. These countries defaulted into debtor nations rendering the Family of Nations access to all of Africa’s rich resources while controlling the wealth of African people — in Muslim countries. Today, both China (atheist) and the World Bank (Zionist and Jewish) have an economic stronghold on all Muslim African regions; simultaneously, missionaries are on the ground influencing politicians and people to become ungrateful and deviant. Recall the knowledge and wealth of the golden Islamic empires from Africa until the Transatlantic Slave Trade blossomed. During this event and after it was legally banned, religion and race justified the trade, religion and race perpetuated the trade; currently, everywhere in the world, religion and race maintain institutionalized slavery, corporate slavery, urban and economic slavery. 

The narrative of all issues, problems, events, crises, and wars is religion, race, or both — all crises, denigrate to religion or race. To polarize the American voter, the 2020 presidential campaign will sensationalize the race-religion card. This is the agenda because the global Family of Nations with its missionaries execute a signal move for global dominance and control without Islam as an opponent. 

The Uyghur: Knights Imprisoned Without a Voice

The Uyghur are a legacy of Islamic sovereignty. They are an extension of that legacy granted by the Prophet (صلا الله علىه و صلام), who with the Sahaba (رضى الله عنهم) struggled to implant the last and longest Islamic Empire in the world. The Uyghur Muslims, who captured their territory away from the Mongols and established an urban state to establish Islam and secure Central Asia and its borders for one thousand plus years. They symbolize and represent the final stronghold of Islam in the world. Today, the border is breached and the silk road is occupied. The global agenda against Islam and Muslims is transgressing at full speed.The game is on the board, but Muslims are not at the table. 

“He ((سبحا ن و تعال will not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves” (Sura Ra’d 13:11) 

And your Lord is not at all unjust to (His) slaves” [Fussilat 41:46]


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