“News from East Turkistan” event held in Turkey on International Human Rights Day

by Anne Kader

Image: Sol (2013)




By Amina Sadaf 

(Translated from Uyghur Times Uyghur Edition)




“Uyghur Civil Rights and Justice Association” and the “Relatives of Camp Victims” group organized a successful, large-scale event titled “News from Eastern Turkistan” on International Human Rights Day on December 9. 


Representatives of political parties, reporters from international media channels such as “Voice of America”, Turkish journalists, East Turkistan organizations, and hundreds of people participated. The event began with the film titled “Who we are” based on the experiences of camp victims searching for their families for the past three years. 


After the opening speech of the head of “The Uyghur Law and Justice Association” Abdulla Uyts, the participants heard of the current situation in East Turkistan through photos and videos about “What is happening in East Turkistan”. A press conference followed. 


At the end of the event, under the theme “Letters from Eastern Turkistan”, The attendees saw letters written in our native language of those suffering in the concentration camps in Eastern Turkistan. The varied and lively activities, films, and spoken content not only left a deep impression on the people of all ethnic groups and the representatives of all parties but also strengthened their sympathy and sense of responsibility for our people in East Turkistan groaning under oppression.

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