New Police Files reveal that Uyghurs have been sent from re-education camps directly to vocational institutions

by Uyghur Times
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New Xinjiang Police Files evidence shows that Uyghurs were sent from re-education camps directly to vocational institutions that organized job fairs with Volkswagen & advertised degrees with Volkswagen as a typical work destination, Adrian Zenz, Director & Senior Fellow in China Studies at Victims of Communism, writes on X.

One victim: the Uyghur Adiljan Hashim

Police records show that Adiljan Hashim was detained in October 2017 and then placed in the Xinjiang Light Industry Technical College (新疆轻工职业技术学院) in January 2018. This “release” was highly controlled and based on pre-agreed conditions (担保释放人员).

The Xinjiang Light Industry Technical College offers majors in fields such as automobile manufacturing (汽车制造). The college lists examples of cooperation with companies on its website, including FAW-Volkswagen Xinjiang, and advertises Volkswagen as a graduate employer.

Other police files show the detention of tertiary students at other institutions like the Xinjiang Vocational University. Ekpar Ablet, a student there, was detained in July 2017 and placed in a camp. This institution also offers automobile-related degrees.

Other documents like the Karakax List show that several detainees were released into state-directed vocational skills education, which they are not at liberty to choose.

The ramification is that re-educated and coerced Uyghurs can likely end up working for larger companies such as FAW-Volkswagen in Xinjiang. This risk cannot be ascertained through audits, since Uyghurs are not free to speak about camp/re-education experiences or about other coercive and repressive state measures in their lives.

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