Elimination of Uyghur “Counter-Revolutionary” Officials in the Academic Fields—Exact Quotes Translated from a Leaked Audio File

Translated by Torchlight Uyghur Group

November 14, 2019

In an Elementary Accounting class at the Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, a Han Chinese lecturer spoke the following to his students just before he started his lecture. The following is the original audio file spoken in Chinese.

[quote]Following is the English translation of the full text of the above audio file.[/quote]

Later they arrested people again. This year they arrested 20 more people one after another again. The total number of people arrested in the Regional Education Department are more than 90. These are the people who got arrested and sentenced to jail just within the Education Department.

After that, the president of Xinjiang University, the party secretary of Xinjiang Normal University, the president of Xinjiang Medical University, the president and the vice president of Kashgar University, the president and the vice president of Hotan Junior Teacher’s College, all were detained for punishment and all of them are ethnic separatists.

After this, the party secretary and president of Ili Normal University and our school’s party secretary were directly terminated from their job, because as ethnic Han Chinese, they did not do their job efficiently, don’t you think? They are academic counter-revolutionists and they didn’t do a good job in punishing “two-faced” people; then got directly terminated from their positions and transferred to Coordinating Department to work there as coordinators. Just like that, they were directly dismissed. So, arresting people is more serious than ever.

However, all of these curriculums and books should be very carefully checked. Some of them say, oh, how come these professional teaching materials have political problems? They do indeed have problems! Look, these kinds of professional teaching materials are involved in political problems. If you open a medical book issued by the Medical University you can see the problem. On the first page of the medical book, it says that Uyghur medicine is a unique and independent discipline and the Uyghurs are a unique ethnic group (independent nation), and they have eight thousand years of history. Look at that, it is written on the first page, eight thousand years! What a famous ethnic group in China… (laughter)

Don’t you think? Halmurat Ghopur’s father used to be the vice dean of our Department of Economics and Trade.  Didn’t he confess that his father taught him the ethnic separatism? Do you understand? Halmurat went to Turkey and signed a secret agreement with Turkey about establishing an independent state. The first step is to become the president of the Xinjiang Medical University; The second step is to become an Academician. He applied for the Academician position in 2015 and almost got it. After that is to combine Xinjiang University and Xinjiang Medical University and to become its president to gain more influence and then in 2030 establish an independent state and become its president. The agreement about creating an independent state was signed over there (in Turkey) and was discovered later when he was arrested. So, this is a big problem at the University right now and there could be more. The scariest thing is, he was sitting at the rostrum during a meeting, next to the party secretary Li Jun, who was talking about the school regulation that prohibits people from wearing religious garments and hijabs in the campus. As soon as Li Jun finished talking, Halmurat got hold of the microphone and told the audience in Uyghur that don’t listen to him, this is our tradition and we must do it. There were a lot of people attending the meeting. The Han attendees did not understand what he said, and the others did not report it. This is the scary part. This was discovered after he was arrested. This means there are a lot of bad people – this is the scary part.

This is just like the July 5th time; at that time, 10 students were apprehended from our school, 4 of them were sentenced. Also, there was a school employee’s child. The video of the incident was brought to our video room and all the teachers and counselors were asked to watch the video;  when the minority teachers were asked to recognize the students, none of the Uyghur teachers identified the perpetrators; instead, they said there was none. Didn’t we eventually sentence several of them? How come there was none?

Last year, we removed two junior cadres from both party membership and official positions. In the first haft of this year, three teachers were arrested; also, one from our college; one of them already got sentenced for several years; the remaining two are in the process of being sentenced soon. So, the separatists are all around us. Just take a look at their job title and position, and count university presidents and party secretaries; also autonomous region party committee members and the deputy director of the Department of Propaganda, and all the way up to Nur Bekri (former governor of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region). So, we can say that the ethnic separatists are very strong; they said to be formed in the past two years, however after past two days of study, I suddenly realized that it is not right! Who said the ethnic separatism started to appear in the last few years! Did not it exist during the Cultural Revolution? Yes, it did! During the Cultural Revolution, the vice governor of the Autonomous Region was a member of the East Turkistan Party! How come it did not exist? So, ethnic separatism is not just formed in recent years; it has been in existence for many years.

The good thing is there are not many ethnic separatists in our university. We are better. Otherwise, our party secretary would get dismissed just like the previous secretary who got dismissed due to his insufficient effort and due to the fact that he could not catch any ethnic separatist. In other universities, so many have been arrested (laughter).

You have to tell me, in a recent meeting the deputy secretary of the autonomous region Li Pengxin, who is in charge of the ideology and education, pointed his finger to our party secretary and said, “Is your school’s water really that clear? You can’t even catch a single fish?” It means the elimination of the counterrevolutionaries in the academic field would be continued.

So. if you have any problem, if you see any problem, you need to report on time. Oh, it worked, a student in Medical University prayed in a corridor in a building, and other students saw him and reported immediately; it led to the destruction of a terrorist group and the arrest of 50 people.

So I say that if we just make a little effort, we can find many.

So I am just thinking all this…

Therefore, now all the teaching materials need to be reviewed (censored).

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