China: No English word can describe how Great Chinese Communist Party is

By Tahir imin Uighurian

The Global Times, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party responded harshly to the news reports by The New York Times that The Trump administration is considering a sweeping ban on travel to the United States for members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families.

In an editorial regarding the possible move by Trump administration, the Party sent a strong message that the U.S can’t afford the consequences if it implements the unprecedented massive travel ban implying the power, capacity, and gravity of Chinese Communist Party members.

“Let’s talk about what it means to have 93 million party members. The size of this team is unimaginable to Westerners, 93 million is not just a simple number. It has more than the total population of Germany. If the US sanctions also include the family members of the 93 million Chinese Communist Party members, only spouses, children, and parents are counted. There are at least 300 million people, which is equivalent to the total population of the United States. Coupled with relatives such as parents-in-law, brothers, and sisters, about half of the Chinese people should be included. Therefore, whether it is the country or the people, the CCP members are integrated into it with a degree of indescribability that cannot be described by Western political vocabulary.”

In a further bragging, the propaganda outlet compared the success and style of the dictator regime with other Western political systems.
“The CCP is not a political party under the Western political ecology. The CCP and Western-style parties are qualitatively different in terms of scale, purpose, operating mechanism, and the role they play. They are completely different. It can be said that the CCP’s counterpart is not a party in English at all, and with the continuous self-development and remodeling of the CCP, no concept in English can truly correspond to it.”

The Chinese Communist Party has been using the economic advantages of the country as the leverage over other countries especially those that see the democratic system a better one than the Communist regime. The novel Coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China, has caused more casualties in the U.S than it did in China. China made it a big example of its success in the governance of the country with more population during difficult times.

The United States officials have intensified their criticism on China over multiple issues ranging from trade to military, from the human rights of Uyghurs, Hongkongers, and Tibetans to espionage on American soil.

In his latest criticism of the Chinese government, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on July 16, “The Chinese Communist Party is acting in a way that poses real threats to the world, and the United States is going to make sure that we preserve American national security and impose costs on the CCP to achieve a change in behavior.”

Uyghur Times

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