Uyghur Times has been targeted by CCP authorities and its affiliated groups and individuals through cyber attacks on our website, intimidation emails, disinformation campaigns against Uyghur Times, malicious emails, attacks on our team members, and the founder on social media since its inception in 2018. We have documented all of […]

Hundreds of thousands of Uyghur individuals are detained, subjected to forced labor, and facing cultural eradication in China, highlighting the urgent need for global action. The Elie Wiesel Foundation, World Uyghur Congress, and Uyghur Human Rights Project jointly organized a two-day interfaith conference on Uyghur genocide action held in New […]

By Tursun Uyghur Chinese propaganda outlet Xinjiang Daily reported from the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration that “there are currently 2.476 million registered business entities in Xinjiang, including 266,700 in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, representing a 7.75% increase compared to the previous year. Among them, there are 548,300 […]

Several human rights organizations including Uyghur groups are endorsing a proposed legislation that would compel China-based ByteDance to divest TikTok or potentially face a U.S. ban, intensifying a high-stakes lobbying battle in Washington. This development was first reported by Semafor. The groups, dedicated to addressing human rights abuses by the […]