15-Year-Old Uyghur Becomes Youngest in China to Conquer Mount Everest

Author: By Uyghur Times Staff

URUMQI, May 24

Opening: Urumqi — Early last Sunday morning, 15-year-old Alikut Dilxat successfully ascended the southern slope of Mount Qomolangma, fulfilling the long-held dream of his father and becoming the youngest Chinese to summit the world’s highest peak, according to China’s state media Xinhua News.

Details: Alikut Dilxat, a 15-year-old from Urumqi, the capital of the Uyghur homeland, achieved a significant milestone by climbing Mount Qomolangma. He grew up under the influence of his father, Dilxat Abdurexit, the captain of the “Xinjiang” Mountaineering Sports Service Center’s outdoor rescue team. Inspired by his father’s passion for mountaineering, Alikut started his own journey into the sport at the age of 10. Despite his mother’s initial reluctance, Alikut’s determination saw him pursuing his dream with unwavering resolve.

“Sometimes at home, he would wear my mountaineering clothes and shoes, thinking everything about it was cool,” said Dilxat. “You always need to have an exploratory spirit. If you hesitate, you can’t do anything well,” Alikut affirmed.

Their joint adventure in August last year saw them conquering the 7,546-meter-high Muztagh Ata, an experience that only fueled Alikut’s passion further. His ambition to climb Mount Qomolangma took root last October after a confidence-boosting climb in the Tengritagh Mountains.

Actors and Opposite Stance: While Alikut’s achievement is celebrated, it brings forward varying perspectives. Alikut’s father, Dilxat Abdurexit, expressed pride and fulfillment in his son’s success. However, Alikut’s mother initially opposed his mountaineering aspirations due to safety concerns. Her cautious stance highlights the inherent risks associated with such dangerous endeavors.

“You always need to have an exploratory spirit,” said Alikut. “If you hesitate, you can’t do anything well.”

During his 28-day adaptation training in Nepal, Alikut faced significant challenges, including strong hypoxic reactions that tested his mental and physical limits. Despite these obstacles, his perseverance, supported by his father’s encouragement, led him to the summit.

“To be honest, even I didn’t have full confidence, but he persisted slowly to the end,” said Dilxat.

Ignored Voice: The story of Alikut’s ascent brings attention to the often-overlooked achievements of Uyghur individuals amidst the broader narrative dominated by Han Chinese achievements. It underscores the need for greater recognition of Uyghur contributions and the challenges they face in pursuing their passions.

Background: Mount Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, stands as the world’s highest peak at 8,848 meters. The journey to its summit is fraught with peril, requiring climbers to undergo rigorous training and preparation. The Dilxat family, hailing from Urumqi, has long been involved in mountaineering, with Dilxat Abdurexit serving as a notable figure in the field.

The 15-year-old’s journey began in Urumqi, a city where the majestic Mt. Bogda of the Tengritagh Mountains can be seen from downtown. This environment, coupled with his father’s influence, fostered Alikut’s love for mountaineering. Despite the risks and his mother’s initial objections, Alikut’s determination saw him climbing several peaks, including the 7,546-meter-high Muztagh Ata last August.

His idea to climb Mount Qomolangma took shape in October, following another successful climb with his father. The rigorous 28-day training in Nepal tested his limits, but with his father’s support, he persevered.

The Impact:

The news has been widely reported and circulated in China’s state media and on social media, bringing joy and a glimmer of hope to the Uyghur community. Uyghurs in the diaspora also joined in the celebration. Ahmatjan, the founder of Pidayi Media, remarked, “I congratulate Alikut and his parents for this success and for giving us some energy.” Another Uyghur, Muhammad, said, “We are actually good at many things if we are not deprived of opportunity.


  • Early Childhood: Alikut’s interest in mountaineering sparks, influenced by his father.
  • Age 10: Begins mountaineering seriously.
  • August Last Year: Conquers Muztagh Ata with his father.
  • October Last Year: Decides to climb Mount Qomolangma.
  • May 24: Successfully summits Mount Qomolangma, becoming the youngest Chinese to do so.
  • June: Prepares to return to Urumqi for his high school entrance examination.


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