Americans and Global Citizens: U.S. Is Leading Global Economic Power

By m. Bughra

A recent report published by the Pew Research Center indicates that people across various countries now tend to perceive the United States as the leading economic power globally, surpassing China.

According to a survey conducted in 23 countries, approximately 41% of respondents believe that the United States holds the position of the world’s top economic power, while 33% named China as the leading economic power.

A Gallup poll conducted in March revealed a shift in Americans’ perception of the leading economic power. Currently, 44% of Americans believe that the United States holds this position, compared to 37% in 2021, reflecting a seven-percentage-point increase. Conversely, the percentage of Americans identifying China as the top economic power has declined from 50% to 42%, indicating an eight-point decrease.

In recent years, there has been a shift in Americans’ perception of the leading economic power. Currently, the United States and China are essentially tied, whereas in 2021, China held a significant lead, and in 2020, the U.S. was the favored choice. In previous years, China was consistently seen as the leading economic power, although when the question was first asked in 2000, the overwhelming choice was the United States.

According to ABC’s report, the confidence of American consumers experienced a significant increase in June, reaching its highest level in 18 months. The strong labor market played a key role in bolstering the U.S. economy. The Conference Board revealed that the consumer confidence index rose from 102.5 in May to 109.7 in June. This reading is the highest recorded since January 2022 and surpasses economists’ expectations by a considerable margin.

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