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China, Show Those them All!

by admin - Mar 17, 2021 0 Comment

By Meripet

Since 2016, many diaspora Uyghurs have been asking the Chinese regime about the whereabouts of their missing families in East Turkistan (AKA Xinjiang) on Western media platforms. Although media questioning did not put an end to China’s cruel crackdown on Uyghurs in their homeland, however, the Western world started to put more pressure on the Chinese regime to terminate and hold accountable for the ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide of Uyghurs. As a response, the Chinese regime is constantly manipulating the Uyghur diaspora and the international community by releasing false information on the Uyghur crisis.

Recently, Shohrat Zakir, the governor of Xinjiang (East Turkistan), falsely claimed in a press conference that most Uyghurs who attended the “re-educational training” have “graduated” and returned to their homes. China then released propaganda videos and photos of some Uyghurs who have “graduated from the concentration camps”, smearing all statements against China as lies, and calling the Western investigative journalism as Western propaganda with the intention of separating East Turkistan from China. The Uighur Times responded to the propaganda news by debunking their lies.

However, more and more Uyghurs are testifying for their missing relatives and friends who have been detained at the Chinese concentration camps in East Turkistan, using the #ChinaShowThemAll campaign on Twitter.

Zulhayat Yarmamat has been relentlessly requesting the Chinese regime to provide evidence of the life of her brother Otkur Yarmamat who was sent to the concentration camp in East Turkistan. Like all innocent Uyghurs who are illegally locked up in concentration camps or prisons, Otkur Yarmamat is an innocent young man who deserves to live a free life.

Kamalturk Yalkun, son of a famous Uyghur writer and editor Yalkun Rozi, is still struggling to find out about his father. Rozi promoted the Uyghur culture by his writing, which had been read and loved by millions of Uyghurs. Unfortunately, the Chinese regime jailed the peaceful writer with the accusation of separatism.

Gulnisa Mamut is looking for her 60-year-old mother Nurnisa Mamut and 70-year-old uncle Qurban Mamut.

Five family members of Aynur have disappeared since 2017.

Akida Pulat is looking for her mother Rahile Dawut, an Uyghur researcher and professor at the Xinjiang University for more than two years.

Such examples are many on Twitter, the Uighur Times asks, “China, can you show them all to the world and tell the world what is their crime to be locked up?”