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A brief introduction to Uyghur Times and its services

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Uyghur Times, based in Washington DC, is a media organization with a focus on Uyghur Human Rights. It covers the Uyghur situation, China’s politics, and Central Asia in multiple languages.


What Do we do?


The goal of Uyghur Times is to be a true and objective voice of the Uyghur people.

Uyghur Times publishes news reports, opinions, first-hand information, and conducts interviews and polls, on China’s latest policies towards Uyghur people, international response, and Uyghur life in the diaspora. We disseminate our original content as well as verified content from other reliable sources throughout our 13 websites and 50 social media accounts.

Voice of Uyghur, news and commentary podcast, and UNN.TV, an internet video show, is also managed by Uyghur Times.

We also publish educational and informative essays about Uyghur history, culture, and language to educate young generations about their identity and help them preserve their culture in the diaspora.




Uyghur Times was founded by Uyghur scholar and rights advocate Tahir Imin Uyghurian in 2018, is not affiliated with any political organization, not funded any government agencies, supported by the members of the Uyghur community in diaspora, operates under the flagship of United News Network (www.unn.org), a registered independent, non-profit organization based in Washington DC. The Voice of Uyghur, a subsidiary of the Uyghur Times that specializes in video production and podcasts, is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and operates in the United States.

In Feb 2021, Uyghur Times opened a new office in Istanbul, Turkey to produce more valuable programs and broadcast them more effectively. 


Uyghur Times Team: 


As a volunteer-based organization, the Uyghur Times developed a team of Uyghur and non-Uyghur intellectuals with expertise in journalism, politics, history, literature, and language.

As Mr.Tayir Imin said;” These volunteer professionals are the most honest voice of Uyghur people, despite the great pressure they are facing and lack of any social recognition and financial benefit, they are passionate and dedicated to work on behalf of Uyghur people”


The language Channels: 


The languages Uyghur Times broadcast:

Uyghur, Chinese, English, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Indonesian, Persian, and Hebrew


1-Uyghur Service: ئۇيغۇر ئاگېنىتلىقى              www.iuyghur.com 

2-Chinese Service: 维吾尔时报中文网           www.weiwuer.com

3-English Service Uyghur Times English          www.uyghurtimes.com 

4-Arabic Service: وكالة الاويغور للأنباء ar.uyghurtimes.com

5-Japanese Service: ウイグルタイムズJP www.uyghurjp.com

6-German Service: Uigurische Zeiten.           www.uiguren.com 

7-Turkish Service: Uygur Ajansi               www.haberuygur.com

8-Russian Service:  Уйгурское агентство.        www.uyghurru.com 

9-French Service:  Agence ouïghoure.          www.ouighour.com 

10-Spanish Service:   Tiempos Uyghurs. www.uyghur.es

11-Ducth Service :    Oeigoerse tijden.           www.oeigoeren.com

12-Persian Service:  صدای اویغور               fa.uyghurtimes.com

13-Indonesian Service  :Uyghur Times Indonesian     www.uyghur.id

14-Hebrew Service        טיימס האויגורי.                         www.Uyghur.co.il



About Uyghur Service of Uyghur Times, Uyghur Aginitliqi,(ئۇيغۇر ئاگېنىتلىقىwww.iuyghur.com


Uyghur Agency (Uyghur Aginitliqi, ئۇيغۇر ئاگېنىتلىقى), the Uyghur edition of Uyghur Times is the first channel that launched by Uyghur Times in May 2018. Since its first day, the Uyghur edition of Uyghur Times has been one of the few sources of information on the Uyghur situation, Chinese policies in the Uyghur Homeland (East Turkistan or Uyghuristan), and the Uyghur campaigns across the globe and international actions in response to Chinese practices and policies targeted Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims. Now the Uyghur edition of the Uyghur Times has become the most popular and largest Uyghur content website in the Uyghur diaspora. The Uyghur website of Uyghur Times (www.iuyghur.com) has become the most popular website among Uyghur diaspora with Alexa Rank (126,979). It also actively engaged in social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

It also reports the Uyghur diaspora life without any bias and preferences.



2-English Edition: Uyghur Times www.uyghurtimes.com


Since its founding, the English edition of Uyghur Times has been one of the primary sources of Uyghur news for English-speaking audiences.

Uyghur Times has been reporting on China's genocidal practices towards Uyghurs and others and has published a number of reports that have been quoted and used in the mainstream media such as Washington Post (2), Radio France International, Aljazeera Arabic, BiobioChile.comlapresse.cadennismichaellynch.com, dariknews.bg, tellerreport.comiranianuk.com, Alan Arabic, repubblica.it and think tanks such as Scholars At Risk. 


3-Chinese Edition: Weiwuer zhi sheng (维吾尔之声www.weiwuer.com


Chinese edition of Uyghur Times is one of the very few specialized sources about Uyghurs in the Chinese language for Chinese audiences. The Chinese edition has more than 20,000 followers on social media. Twitter account has been one of the most popular social media accounts in Chinese to introduce the Uyghur crisis and Uyghur genocide to the Chinese audience.


Hostility from the Chinese government:


1-After Mr. Tahi Imin started the Uyghur Times agency in 2018 and his speaking to New York TimesAljazeeraWall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Atlantic magazine, the Chinese government retaliated against him by arresting more than 20 members of his family including sentencing his mom Tuhan memet (7 years of prison), brothers Adil Imin (10 years) and Tursun Imin (unknown until now), his cousins, uncles, and aunts. His wife was forced to divorce him and his daughter Shehribanu was cut off connection with him.


2-Chinese government has launched a defamation campaign against  UYGHUT TIME and Tahir Imin.

In May 2021, Over 50 Chinese media platforms such as Global Times (环球时报 )Sina, QQ, and 163 have published defamatory reports created by China’s mouthpiece Global Times about Uyghur Times and its founder Tahir Imin. Their purpose is to create strife between Uyghurs and other Muslims.

On April 2021, the propaganda officials of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region declared “ Tahir Imin is an East Turkistan element that spreads lies about China”.


 3-Malign Attack by CCP sponsored hackers: 


Almost all websites of the Uyghur Times have been attacked by China’s state-sponsored hackers since its inception. In 2019, the hackers were able to shut down several websites of Uyghur Times for a few days.


2020, Uyghur Times, along with other Uyghur websites, went through another round of Chinese cyber attacks and it was reported by mainstream media such as CNN, PC Magazine, and many other media outlets. Google and Apple also put warns against the virus that Chinese hackers used to attack Uyghur Times websites. As a result, the Uyghur Times has opted to abandon the WordPress CMS in favor of creating its own CMS.

4-Attacks from Pro-Chinese media and personnel:


Washington Based pro-CCP media Greyzone and its Staffa and some Pakistani “Journalists” continued to attack Uyghur Times on social media for a long time and Chinese state media used their comments on Uyghur Times and Uyghur activists as a base to discredit Uyghur times and Uyghur activists.




Since its foundation, Uyghur Times has been operating with the limited funds raised from the Uyghur public and personal donations from founder Tahir Imin. Uyghur Times needs non-binding support and donations from the public to continue our work.