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Wang Yi's Turkey Visit Sparked Uyghur protests while Uyghur leader confined at home.

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by Amine Sedef Wahit, Voice of Uyghur

Mar26, 2021


Wang Yi'sTurkey Visit Sparked Uyghur protests while Uyghur leader confined at home.

By Amina Sedef Wahit, Voice of Uyghur 

March 28, 2021


Istanbul- While China is committing genocide against Uyghurs in Uyghurland (ET aka Xinjiang), Wangyi's visit to Turkey angered the Uyghurs around the world. In Ankara and Istanbul, The Uyghur community protested the Chinese official’s visit.


Uyghurs in Istanbul protested Wabgyi's Turkey Visit,March25. Photo:Istiqlal


Uyghurs in Istanbul protested China's Foreign Minister Wangyi's Turkey Visit. Photo: Istiqlal.



Another group of Uyghurs held a rally in front of China's consulate in Istanbul;





The demonstrations in Istanbul took place separately in front of the Chinese consulate in Sari Yer and Beyazit Square while a press conference was held at the Green Peak Hotel in Ankara.


Press Conference in Great Peak Hotel, Anakra


Over 2,000 demonstrators gathered in Beyazit Square to protest the Chinese genocide by waving blue flags, shouting strong slogans, and making a series of political speeches.


According to FOX Turk, The panned protest In Kayseri, an industrial city in Central Anatolia was canceled after local authorities did not allow Seyit Tumtutk, the President of the National Assembly of East Turkistan, and other organizers to come out, saying that they had infected COVID-19.

But Mr.TumturkHe told the Uyghur service of Voice of Uyghur that he was doing very well and that the authorities had made up the excuse to prevent him from leaving to protest.